The Band

Your Fearless Leader (YFL) began with a young man from San Francisco writing narratives to the strum of his guitar in the winter of 2014. Fearful of the vulnerability of these songs, he dawned a stage name to mask the controversial and emotional contents of them. But after an adventurous and life-changing trip to Cape Town, South Africa, that young man shed the alter-ego to embrace the story that was his. Just as he had evolved and grew, so did the band in sound and style.

The band established itself as a quartet releasing its debut, four song EP titled, “Retrospection” in November of 2015. With its arresting violin lines, propulsive drums, and anthemic sonic arrangements, “Retrospection” provided a refreshing and distinct sound to a genre overly-cluttered in the digitized century. Your Fearless Leader was launched into the forefront of Indie Rock bands-to-watch coming out of the San Francisco music scene.

The band showed no signs of stumble through the proceeding years as they introduced more orchestral elements into their sound including trumpet and saxophone and finally rounding out their ensemble with a bassist. Sharing semblance to an early-days “Arcade Fire” with derivatives of “The Killers” were they more progressive, YFL continued to cultivate a dedicated following up and down the California coast while calling San Francisco home.

Your Fearless Leader has released two EP's this year which can both be purchased and listened to on all distribution platforms. The first titled, "RITES" was release on March 1 and the second, "Call My Name"  four months later on July 2. The album was engineered by Christopher Braun (Hibbity Dibbity) at Coyote Hearing and Tropical Hideout Studios. It was mixed by Taewook Kang (Your Fearless Leader, 3kelves) and mastered by Justin Weis at Trackworx (Curls, K.Flay). Both records have set the pave for what is shaping up to be a promising year for YFL.

The six-piece band is comprised of Marcus Ghiasi (Guitar, Vocals), Hannah Glass (Violin, Vocals), Jerry Haagsma (Drums), Jamil Hawkins (Bass), Aldo Jimenez (Saxophone, Percussion) and Lucas Kang (Guitar, Trumpet).